How LSD Helped Us Probe What The Sense Of Self Looks Like In The Brain
by Nicolas Crossley, King's College London and Ed Bullmore, University of Cambridge
Every single person is different. We all have different backgrounds, views, values and interests.…
How The Brain Registers Information Without Conscious Attention
by Volker Thoma, University of East London
Magicians, dictators, advertisers and scientists all know it. It is possible to influence people…
Babies Pay Attention When Parents Do
by Kevin Fryling, Indiana University
"The ability of children to sustain attention is known as a strong indicator for later success in…
Opening Your Heart Wider Than Your Fears
by HeatherAsh Amara
For years I understood the concepts of loving more and unconditional acceptance. I knew the woman I…


Older Married Couples Are Linked In Their Sickness

Older Married Couples Are Linked In Their Sickness

Alexis Blue, University Of Arizona
Mentors, Men, and Leaning Into Closed Doors
by Areva Martin
In an excerpt from her new book, Ladies, Leadership, and the Lies We've Been Told, women's rights…
How to Tell Which Foods Are Healthy and Which Are Less So
by Dariush Mozaffarian et al
As nutrition scientists who have spent our entire careers studying how different foods influence…
Why Being Very Industrious Is Not A Compliment
by BJ Epstein, University of East Anglia
You’re very … industrious. This was how I was described by one resident when I was living and…
How To Spot Alternative Facts In Science
by Sarina Gleason, Michigan State University
The Volkswagen emissions scandal and past promotions of tobacco are two examples of “alternative…


How the Bottled Water Industry Is Masking the Global Water Crisis
by Zeineb Bouhlel and Vladimir Smakhtin
Bottled water is one of the world’s most popular beverages, and its industry is making the most of…
Voice Deepfakes: What They Are and How to Avoid Getting Scammed
by Matthew Wright and Christopher Schwartz
You have just returned home after a long day at work and are about to sit down for dinner when…
Protecting Online Privacy Begins with Tackling ‘Digital Resignation’
by Meiling Fong and Zeynep Arsel
In exchange for access to their digital products and services, many tech companies collect and use…
The Women Who Stood with Martin Luther King Jr. and Social Change
by Vicki Crawford
Coretta Scott King was a committed activist in her own right. She was deeply involved with social…


InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: March 27, 2023
by Marc Lesser
The Daily Inspiration is a short message to help set the tone for this day. It is linked…
InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Immense Potential
by Rena Greenberg
March 26, 2023 - Getting in touch with the deeper resources inside yourself—the strength,…
InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Notice Your Feelings
by Barbara Berger
March 25, 2023 - Make it your daily practice to notice, every day, as often as you can…
InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Unconditional Love
by Marcus T. Anthony, Ph.D.
March 24, 2023 - Remember, each time you judge yourself or deny parts of yourself, you…


whos destroying democracy 3 27jpg

Who Is Destroying American Democracy?

Robert Jennings,
Is It Time to Hug the Federal Reserve?
by Robert Jennings, with assistance of GeorgeGPT
The Federal Reserve has come under closer scrutiny as of late in our battle with inflation. And…
The US Debt-Ceiling Debate Is Nonsense
by Robert Jennings,
In recent years, the debt ceiling has become a contentious issue between Congress and the White…
How to Live beyond Hope and Despair
by Robert Jennings,
What does it mean to have hope? For some it means faith in a higher power. For most, I think,…
How To Save Money Ordering Online
by Robert Jennings,
Most people are aware that prices change. However I wonder if people are aware how often they…


Pluto in Aquarius: Transforming Society, Empowering Progress
by Pam Younghans
Dwarf planet Pluto left the sign of Capricorn and entered Aquarius on…
Why Old Norse Myths Endure in Popular Culture
by Carolyne Larrington
From Wagner to William Morris in the late 19th century, via Tolkien’s…
You Don’t Go to Heaven, You Grow to Heaven
by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis
Metaphysics teaches that you don't go to Heaven just because you have…
How to Clean Mold and Mildew Off A Concrete Deck
by Robert Jennings,
Since I am gone for six months in the summer, the dirt, mildew, and…
Faces Created by AI Now Look More Real than Genuine Photos
by Manos Tsakiris
Even if you think you are good at analysing faces, research shows…
Why We Still Need Storytelling
by Rev. James B. Erickson
Among humans, storytelling is universal. It is what connects us to…
Voice Deepfakes: What They Are and How to Avoid Getting…
by Matthew Wright and Christopher Schwartz
You have just returned home after a long day at work and are about to…
AI Isn’t Thinking and Feeling – The Danger Lies in Thinking…
by Nir Eisikovits
ChatGPT and similar large language models can produce compelling,…
Dry Cleaning Chemical May Be a Cause of Parkinson’s
by Mark Michaud
"For more than a century, TCE has threatened workers, polluted the…
Attitude & Behavior
Watch Out for Preconceived Notions and Limiting Beliefs
by Marie T. Russell,
How Do You Know That What You Know Is True?
by Peter Ellerton, The University of Queensland
Here Are Some Ways To Cope With The Anxiety
by Louise Stone and Katrina McLean
Democracy & Activism
The Disney Movie Inside Out And The Democracy Of The Modern Mind

The Disney Movie Inside Out And The Democracy Of The Modern Mind

Thomas Dixon, Queen Mary University of London
The New Political Divide Is Populists vs Cosmopolitans Not…
by Simon Reich, Rutgers University Newark
What The Byzantine Empire Can Tell Us About The Rise Of…
by Maximilian Lau, Hitotsubashi University

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